Hello Friends!

Welcome to VeganvsVegan.ca ! 

We are so excited to finally have this blog come to life! We started our vegan journey pretty suddenly in the summer of 2017, and later created our instagram , @veganvsvegan . We used our insta as a way to document all of our favourite recipes and build a vegan community around ourselves to grow this lifestyle. We’ve made it our mission to help anyone and everyone we can live a healthier lifestyle! We firmly believe the vegan diet greatly increases our quality of life. Everything from mental health, athletic performance, hormonal balance, sex life and digestive health has significantly improved. We have so much planned for this blog and are going in depth about our lives and all the changes, good or bad we go through with our vegan lifestyle. 


As a twenty something couple living in Toronto, Canada we spend A LOT of time cooking, eating and thinking of the next thing we can cook and eat. We cook meals every single day and rarely ever eat out. Despite living in Toronto we actually have never been to a vegan restaurant, but are now stoked to be able to justify it by saying it’s “for the blog” every weekend. Thanks so much for following our journey, the support from the vegan community is honestly such a wonderful perk of this lifestyle. 

Kelsey & Nick