We ate 24 Beyond Sausages – Here’s What Happened

We ate 24 Beyond Sausages – Here’s What Happened

What started as a simple scroll though Instagram, turned into the ultimate sausage adventure. We couldn’t believe our eyes! The highly praised Beyond Sausage from the vegan powerhouse Beyond Meat was now for sale in Canada. Beyond Meat has a wide arrangement of meat alternatives that have been available in Canada for a while. Including chick’n strips, vegan burgers and veggie grounds.

Beyond Meat

They are best known for their hyper realistic veggie burger that famously bleeds like a real hamburger. They’ve even partnered with many food chains like A&W and Aroma, to offer plant based alternatives that taste and feel just like the real thing! After months of seeing our American friends chowing down on Beyond Sausages, we finally saw our chance. Good Rebel Vegan posted a photo to their social media showing off their large stock of Beyond Sausages in all their vegan glory! So we slid into the DM’s and the amazing staff put a few packs to the side for us. We zipped downtown Toronto the next day to bring home our 24 Beyond Sausages.

After arriving home with our two dozen sausages, we immediately took to Instagram for ideas. We got all sorts of suggestions, ranging from lasagna to breakfast casserole. The possibilities are endless, we were overwhelmed but excited. Beyond Sausages are gluten free. Since most vegan sausages are made primarily out of wheat gluten, it makes them a little tough to find when you live a gluten free lifestyle. However, now every sausage recipe we ever wanted to make since going vegan was suddenly on the table. We purchased all three flavors that were available- Original Brat, Sweet Italian & Hot Italian. Beyond Meat products, just like a classic sausage, you typically keep them in the freezer until you plan on using them. So, in an effort to satisfy the nostalgic craving of a classic sausage on a bun, we packed our freezer with Italian sausages and left out the Brats for dinner.

Meal One – Sausage on a Bun

Brat Original Sausages – x4
Total Sausage Count: 4

The first night we decided to just ease into it, we took the Original Brat Sausage and pan fried them in a bit of coconut oil. We immediately noticed the sausages smell EXACTLY like a pork sausage, and had the same cracks and pops while cooking. We debated making fancy dipping sauces and eating the sausages in pieces, but settled on fried onions and mustard on a bun instead. The sausages definitely tasted like a classic brat, the outside had the same snap of the skin when you took a bite, and the flavor was exact. What we realized rather quickly was although they tasted exactly like they should. Neither of us are actually that crazy about Brats, so over all, we were actually a little disappointed in ourselves for getting caught up in the excitement. We probably would have liked them a lot better if we had of gone with the fancy dips to compliment the mild taste of the sausage. Since we have another pack of brats in the freezer, I think were going to do something a little more creative next time!

Meal Two – Holiday Stuffed Squash

Hot Italian Sausages – x2
Total Sausage Count: 6

vegan gluten free sausage

After being let down by our lack of creativity with the brats, we needed to step it up with the hot sausages. We aren’t the type of people to make the same mistake twice, so we decided to make meal that would really play off the hot italian flavor. Stuffed Butternut Squash! Since we were playing with ideas for holiday meals, we thought this would be the perfect meal to try out our new sausages. We took a butternut squash and stuffed it with a mixture of rice, hot italian sausage, apples, cranberries, onions, peppers and water chestnuts. Wrapped it in twine and baked it on the oven until it all came together as the perfect savory roast. The hints of sweet apple and tart cranberries dance with heat of the sausage to make the most delicious main dish. We we’re so in love with this meal and cannot wait to make it again! This is one you’re definitely going to want to try for yourself!

Meal Three – Sausage and Pear Stuffing

Hot Italian Sausages – x2
Total Sausage Count: 8

gluten free vegan

This dinner was a wild one. We we’re on a mission to build a holiday menu on our blog and figured the sausage needed a seat at the table. The stuffing seemed like the perfect place! We made it extremely similar to the stuffed squash version in terms of flavor profile. However, we made it more of a traditional casserole style. We served it with a full holiday dinner, garlic mashed potatoes, balsamic asparagus, brown sugar glazed carrots, and tons of gravy. This was definitely the best sausage meal we’ve made so far. Which is interesting considering it was such a small aspect of the meal.

Meal Four – Breakfast

Sweet Italian Sausages – x2
Total Sausage Count: 10

A morning filled with laughs and visits from family, we needed something fast and easy to get us going. So we pan fried a couple of sweet italian sausages, dipped them in some mustard and called it breakfast. The sweet italian was SO good, it still has a little bit of heat as it is an italian sausage. But the sweet flavor makes the heat enjoyable to eat just on it’s own. After trying all three flavors, the sweet italian is undoubtedly our favorite. Since we had 2 more in the pack, we knew we were making more for lunch.

Meal Five – Jambalaya 

Sweet Italian Sausages – x2
Total Sausage Count: 12

When we think of sausage, we think of Louisiana Creole spice. So naturally, we had to make a Beyond Sausage Jambalaya. We definitely made this dish spicy, the sweet sausage and the heat of the spices really had us sweating! Besides the heat, this dish is INCREDIBLE! Packed with nutritious vegetables, smoked tofu and yummy rice! We gobbled up the lunch sized portion that we made! I’m actually so pleased with this one, if you only learn one thing from this article. It’s that you should start eating more jambalaya.

Meal Six – Sausage and Gnocchi Soup 

Sweet Italian Sausages – x4
Total Sausage Count: 16

This is an exciting one. We took a page out of Eamon and Bec‘s book (literally) and made “Mama’s Gnocchi Soup”. Packed full of sweet italian beyond sausage, gluten free gnocchi, fresh spinach and basil. This soup was like a flavor explosion! Definitely a hearty italian soup, the textures and aroma of this dish are completely ‘unreal’ and keep perfectly as left overs! Their e-book, Weekday Whip Ups is available now.

Meal Seven – Stuffed Mushrooms

Hot Italian Sausages – x2
Total Sausage Count: 18

beyond sausage stuffed portobello mushrooms vegan gluten free

Baked Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms! Beyond sausage, chunky tomatoes, spinach, onions and peppers stuffed into a portobello and covered in vegan cheese. Served with lemon asparagus, this meal is INCREDIBLE. The tangy acidity of the tomatoes with the hot sausage is insane, slightly muted by the cheese and spinach. This dish trumped everything else we have made so far, definitely one we will be making frequently from here on out!

Meal Eight – Sausage and Hash Browns 

Hot Italian Sausage – x2
Total Sausage Count: 20

This night was one for convenience. Cooking up the last of our Hot Italians and placed them on a bed of hash browns and asparagus. Topped with spicy kimchi, this meal is SO yummy! We used plain mustard as a dip for the sausage and ate the rest all mixed together. Super lazy and easy, but the beyond sausages really don’t need much help to complete a meal. The taste is so true to a traditional sausage it’s absolutely wild.

Meal Nine – Sausage & Gnocchi Rosé

Brat Original Sausages – x4
Total Sausage Count: 24Sausage and Gnocchi Rosé gluten free vegan

Creamy and rich Sausage and Gnocchi Rosé! We loaded this one up with FOUR (4) Beyond Sausage links. We also used spinach GF Gnocchi, but this dish would be killer with just regular gnocchi as well. The flavor profile of this one is insane. It’s the perfect blend of starches, acidity, fats and spice to really keep you satisfied. Every bite was like an overwhelming mouthful of flavor. It was like wave after wave of cheesy and savory notes playing a symphony on our taste buds! Totally will be making this one again!


Final Thoughts

Beyond Sausage gets an A+ from us! They are hyper realistic, which is cool. But ultimately it’s the flavor that had us hooked. They are just a very pleasant tasting sausage, so regardless of if you wanted the ‘meat’ texture or not, the flavor is great! We will definitely be purchasing these again and hopefully will have a ton of new and fun sausage recipes to share!

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