Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

There might be a few sneaky reasons that you are struggling to drop excess weight. Maybe admittedly, your diet could be better and you could squeeze in a couple more workouts. None the less you should be seeing SOME movement on the scale, so let’s figure out what is going on. There is a list of things that could be and probably are at play, like inflammation or not meeting a proper nutrient profile but today, let’s look at the role of hormones!

Hormones and Weight Gain 


Most people are just walking bags of imbalanced hormones, sex and thyroid hormones are well known for frequent fluctuation and most people associate them with weight gain. Strangely, most overlook Cortisol, an adrenal hormone that causes us hold excess weight, specifically belly fat.


Hormones work together, and are constantly striving to overcome spikes and dips to exist in perfect harmony. Biologically we class hormones by their structural make up, they are divided into groups by who they have the most in common with, peptides and proteins, steroids, amino acid derivatives, fatty acid derivatives. 


Today we’re going to go deeper into cortisol, a natural hormonal response to periods of stress, it causes the body to spike estrogen, drop testosterone and store fat deposits around the organs, yikes.


All stress, mental or physical causes us to produce cortisol, a hormone secreted by our adrenal gland. Not only do we naturally produce cortisol, we also eat it in animal products. Products like dairy and meats are unfortunately are a MASSIVE source or cortisol. If you are buying meat or dairy from a grocery store, you need to understand that the way that animal was raised is going to add inches to your waist line.


Livestock are fed diets of corn, since corn is not a natural food for these animals, they are not able to breakdown the corn, putting stress on their digestive system and producing cortisol. They are kept in massive numbers in very small areas, causing stress day to day, producing, you guessed it, cortisol. Next, I’m sure you’ve seen the videos, I don’t need to explain what a traumatic and STRESSFUL end of life the slaughter house is for these animals, but it results in a massive dump of cortisol into the meat of the animal.


weight loss


So, you have an animal that has been mistreated in every step of it’s life, constantly putting out large quantities of cortisol, then as humans go to the grocery store and consume multiple packs of meats, all of that cortisol ends up in human bodies and packs on the pounds.


Not only do people eat the flesh, they also drink the milk, a hormone dense fluid secretion specifically meant to grow a baby calf to a 1000 lb cow. Not only is dairy extremely inflammatory, taking years off your life directly and non directly contributing to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and dementia. It also is extremely calorie dense and FULL of hormones that will directly interfere with your summer body. 




Hormones: The Supplements 

So our logic with this one is to balance and regulate. There is so many factors that can contribute to improper hormone balance, one of the most common being an over worked liver. So we always first recommend a herbal cleanse. One that is specifically looking at supporting the liver. In addition, we want to add a good B complex and an Omega 3. The good fats and B vitamins to help restore proper production and maintenance of hormones. Finally, an adaptogen, a herb that helps adapt to changing hormone levels. 

We have to talk about diet. Calories in vs calories out, you will not lose weight if you are eating more than you’re burning off. One pound of fat is the equivalent to 3500 calories. To break that down, eating an excess of 3500 calories will gain a pound of fat, and having a deficient of 3500 will lose a pound. This measurement is used in one week cycles. Once you understand the roll of calories, it is one of the reasons why eating vegan is so beneficial, avoiding meat and dairy cuts out a LARGE concentration of calories.

Replacing traditionally meat meals with a vegan alternative is an amazing way to keep the flavor and lose the thunder thighs. Plants are significantly higher in fiber and showcase a much larger profile of nutrients, since your whole body builds itself from the nutrients in your food, the health benefits are plentiful and immediate. Plants directly aid in digestion and fat loss, so increasing your intake of plant based foods is not only good for your waist line, its good for your whole body! Eventually, we will dedicate a whole article to how the vegan lifestyle assists with weight loss on a multi denominational level, in the mean time just remember: MMYF, Meat Makes You Fat.  

With these steps you should be able to get your body back in check and by treating the cause of your weight gain, won’t have to deal with it again! We’ve included our top picks to help narrow down the search.


First things first, let’s do a CLEANSE.
It sounds silly, and maybe you’ve done it before as a quick fix. The type of cleanse I’m talking about is a whole body systemic cleanse, something to support the liver, we want to properly regulate hormone metabolism! 

Wild Rose Detox 
Garden of Life 12 Day Detox Cleanse – Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Kit (12 Day)

We like to get B VITAMINS plus other important nutrients and properties from a greens drink! If you’ve been around the blog for a while you might know we’re obsessed with the Progressive Pineapple/Coconut VegeGreens! 

Progressive VegeGreens 530g – Pineapple Coconut

OMEGA 3 we obviously went for the vegan option with Whole Earth and Sea, EFA’s are critical for cellular health and making sure your hormones are properly constructed 

Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Marine Algae-3 Vegan Omega-3 , 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Finally, an adaptagen let’s not let all that hard work go to waste! MACA is a single root and is great for giving hormones a push to balance themselves out! Make sure your maca supplement has the starch removed, we like Vega brand specifically 

Vega Maca Vegicaps 120-Count




Christopher J.L. MurrayThe Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)

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  • You liked one of my comments. Your #veganvsvegan tag sounded promising, so here I am.
    I’m 5 mos. fully vegan, so I’m just learning to make my own yogurt, ice cream, spring rolls, etc. I do really like your posts, but really wish you had more info about how to make the food…at least hints. Otherwise, it’s like eating in front of somebody. Please…tell us more about that cheese you made! Hint on some spices that you add to the fried tofu, or cauliflour wings. We could go recipe searching on the web, but that just turns into a whole other journey!
    Thanks for being vegan! Liz

    • Hello Liz, thanks so much for checking out our blog. We appreciate the feed back very much as we are new to blogging and are learning every aspect as we go. The struggle of searching the internet for recipes can be exhausting so the easier we can make that the better. A lot of the recipes from our Instagram are here our on blog and we promise many more. 5 months vegan is awesome!! Thanks again for stopping by, we love your page!

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